Moving to facebook

New place for Little Photo fans  🙂

Enjoy !

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Travel to Taiwan !

Hi all Taiwan users  🙂

I will travel to taiwan for few days. Hope to meet you guys on the street !  (meeting someone using Little Photo on the street ! LOL)

I love Taiwan food, hope that everything goes smooth !  ^^

Nice day !


(chinese transalte)

hi 各位台灣的朋友們 ~~!

我會到台灣旅行啊 ^^  希望在街上遇到你們吧 !  (假如在街上看到大家在用 little photo, 我, 我會會心微笑啊 ^^)

我很愛吃台灣小食, 希望旅途一切順利吧 !

台灣見 !!!!   ^^

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A nice review

I just found a video review of Little Photo on youtube  🙂

To author (macrover180) :
Thank you so much for making this nice review  !!  It shows the characteristic and fun of Little Photo. It’s great.  I am so glad   🙂

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Old photos

Here are some photos taken last few months

Retouched by Little photo 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

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Created a twitter account!/LittlePhotoApp

Just create a twitter account LittlePhotoApp 🙂

Enjoy !

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Yesterday photo


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Recently bug and unstable

Recently Little Photo is being largely rewritten. I am trying very hard to replace the old code and for both future functionality and improvement. However, it is very unstable for now.

Most of the bug is caused by memory limitation. There is bad limit (about 16MB) on old device. i am finding some way to make it work properly.

Sorry for the frequent update. I spend most of my time and effort to make it work great for all users. Wish everything goes smoothly.

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