Travel to Taiwan !

Hi all Taiwan users  🙂

I will travel to taiwan for few days. Hope to meet you guys on the street !  (meeting someone using Little Photo on the street ! LOL)

I love Taiwan food, hope that everything goes smooth !  ^^

Nice day !


(chinese transalte)

hi 各位台灣的朋友們 ~~!

我會到台灣旅行啊 ^^  希望在街上遇到你們吧 !  (假如在街上看到大家在用 little photo, 我, 我會會心微笑啊 ^^)

我很愛吃台灣小食, 希望旅途一切順利吧 !

台灣見 !!!!   ^^

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3 Responses to Travel to Taiwan !

  1. ollie says:

    hello I just downloaded little photo
    and I must say this app is brilliant !
    I really like it !
    and welcome to Taiwan haha !

  2. I’ve been enjoying the Little Photo App and just started a ‘Little Photo’ series on my art blog ‘The Morning Artist’.

    I’m planning to post 100 Little Photos in my blog. Thanks for coming up with this great app. Wish you the best!

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