Little Photo Help Center + Tutorial

hi Little Photo user !  🙂

In this page, I will write some guideline and FAQ for the common problems.

This page contains :

  • Effect / Tool tutorial
  • FAQ for technical problem.
  • User reported problem / bugs

I will update this page when I have time.  See you soon!  🙂


Frequently Asked Question

Q :     I want to enable higher resolution, what should I do ?

A :      First, open Little Photo and take a photo,

you will enter into Little Photo editing screen.

When you are in Little Photo, press the “Menu” key of your phone hardware key. It is not the effect menu, but the “Menu” key on your phone.

You should have “Back” key, “Home” key and “Menu” key on your home.

After that, click “Advance” .

This is the Advance Setting page for Little Photo. You can change the setting here.

You will see a pop-up dialog. Now, you can click “800px” or “1024px” resolution option.

Click “Confirm” button.

Now, you are using the new resolution setting.

Q :    After activating the high resolution, the app is slower than before, why ?

A :    Because the phone CPU is not fast enough for doing image process for large photo.

Q :    Where is my photo ? 

A :    Your photo will be saved in your phone SD card. The folder name is  “Little Photo”.

If you have file manager on your phone, just navigate to   /mnt/sdcard/Little Photo

Q :   I want to navigate the menu faster and more efficient. Any tips ?

A :   You may press the phone “Back” key to leave any menu. It will bring you to the upper level of the menus.  You don’t have to scroll to the top and click the ” … ”  item.

Q :    Some effect is very slow. It spend more than 3 seconds, why ?

A :    It is because different effect has different computation or drawing process. Some effect spend more time for complex mathematics.

Q :     I would like to maximize the power of Little Photo and create great photos.  Any tips   ?

A :    Here are some tips for getting the most benefit from Little Photo :

You may combine effects on the same photo. However, some combination is better. For example, if you use B&W and then a color tuning effect, it does not work great  (because B&W already wipe the color of the photo). Also, some effect highly darken the black color of the photo. If you use such effects too much, the photo will be too dark.  (lead to very high contrast picture).

Some effects are light and gentle, some effects are heavy and strong. There are designed for different purpose. If you have a boring + plain + low contrast photo of your starbuck tea cup, you may want to add some strong feeling to it. On the other hand, if you have a already great photo of the mountain and sky, you don’t have to put too much flavoring on it.

There is no perfect formula for combining effects. Every combination only work great on some kind of photos. It works on one photo, but it may not work well for others. Try to think about it. What is your photo subject ?  What feeling do you want ?   For example, if you are taking photo for your sister, she may not want a black & white style looking. She may want some colorful and funny feeling.  You may add text or draw something on her photo. Also, she may want to keep her face clean and clear. Don’t use the effects that will bury her face in the darkness.

Photo effect tools add the atmosphere to the photo. It is similar to lighting (the photography studio lighting setup). We don’t have professional photography tool. However, we have creativity and software. For example, we are shooting an apple, what do you expect from a professional photography ?   Think about it. The background of the apple may be in Bokeh, out focus bluring. Also, the window light shinning on the apple from the left. We can do this by Little Photo  (Bokeh tool, F/1.4 tool,  Light Leak, Falloff, etc).   We can use those tool to create the professional feeling from our plain boring photos.

Finally, I would like to let you know that : For me, I love photography. I have some professional gears (full frame d700 camera, some prime lens, the pro-grade fisheye, etc).  However, those camera gears do not guarantee excellent photo.

Photography is an action : to use your equipment to capture the event.  You cannot use your phone to capture the flying eagle on the sea.  However, your phone has enough ability to capture a beautiful flower on the street. Don’t rush,  just spend the time and carefully design your photo composition. Touch the screen, and capture the flower waving in the wind. Do not “waste” any beautiful moment in your life.

This is the most important factor for phone photography.


Q :   I want to tune the photo brightness / contrast / exposure, can I do that ?

A :   You can purchase  “Little Photo Plugin”. This is an paid app, it unlock the extra functions of Little Photo, including Brightness tuning, contrast, exposure, skin smoothing, photo merge, etc.

Once you installed Little Photo Plugin on your phone, you can access the plugin function in Little Photo.

Menu -> Tools -> Plugin ->  brightness/contrast/etc



9 Responses to Little Photo Help Center + Tutorial

  1. mary says:

    I can’t get through to the advanced page anymore…after I click what resolution I want it says setting saved press ok to restart I can’t PhotoShop my picture or else I don’t know how to get to it..please respond back and let me know…thanks

  2. Christy says:

    How do I delete a picture?

    • bk says:

      in your phone under the Gallery app where your phone stores pictures, there should be a folder for Little Photo where all your pictures taken from this app should be saved. That was how I was able to delete ny pictures. Not sure if there is a shorter /quicker way through the app.

  3. bk says:

    I am having the same problem as Mary. There is no way to PhotoShop after I pick the resolution…it just asks me to restart and then it goes back to photography mode. HTC EVO

  4. Mike Paglia says:

    great camera. I’ve been taking pix of my art and adding effects.

  5. Great app by the way! Love it gray fun and good affects for an app

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