My photography life

I love to go out and take photos  🙂

I am a photography lover. However, it is always hard to find out good place.

City life does not give me much feeling to do with photography. I love beautiful sky, blue sea, beautiful sunset and kids.

I always want to capture the precious moment. I believe in Henri Cartier-Bresson, the “critical moment”. There is a single moment that everything is balanced and great.

I am a Nikon user 🙂   I own a D700 and some lens. In my daily life, however, it is too heavy for me to carry it.

I started to think about Sony nex5 or Olympus pen. However, I do not have much interest in it. How about x100 ?  hmm…..

Hope that we can put a full frame sensor into our phones someday  :p

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Photo i loved

If you have a nice photo album, you may share with me 🙂


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Little Photo 3.0.0 is out !

hi all 🙂

There is a new tool called “multiple exposure”

If you are photography lover, you may know this function very well.

This function take two photos, and combine them together (on film camera, opening the shutter two times to achieve this)

From my experiment, using two photos with the same tone is nice. For example, using two photos (both used “dry rose” effect), the output result is nice and it has a little movie feeling.

Try to experiment yourself ! 🙂

Also, the first paid plug-in for little photo is announced. It provide the functionality for more serious photographer.

It includes Contrast, Brightness and Exposure setting for your photo. Also, each color channel can be controlled independently. This is the basic functions for photo tuning.

More in-depth tool will be developed in the plug-in.  Enjoy !


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hi all :-)

Nice to meet you all  !

This is the official blog for Little Photo (android app). My name is rainnoct, the author of Little Photo  🙂

If you are the user of Little Photo, please say a Hi to me in comment ! 😉

Thx !

Have a Good day!

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